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Fallenkaze's Tegami Bachi Tv Review

Tegami Bachi

Rated: 8

Tegami Bachi is one of those shows where you go in not knowing what to expect, but come out praising it. When you start Tegami Bachi it is honestly hard to put down, the connection to the characters may not be as strong as in say Angel Beats! But it still a strong connection. As you follow Lag's adventure across Amberground a rare thing happens, you genuinely start care for Lag, and the rest of the Letter Bee's.

Tegami Bachi stands as one of the most original, yet simple animes I've seen, I would honestly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good, original, and heart warming anime.

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Fallenkaze's Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Tv And Manga Review

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: 8

Reborn is a fun, wacky, and overall great anime for any age, despite it's at times ridiculous plot it is a light-hearted and funny anime deep down. If classic shounen anime is your schtick then, you probably don't need much convincing to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn, but honestly I think that this series can be truly enjoyed by anyone who enjoys anime, which most anime can't do, which is probably what makes Reborn such a hit among it's extremely broad fan base.

Despite it's intimidating amount of episodes and chapters, Reborn never gets old and is always funny. I would definitely recommend Reborn to anyone looking for a more light-hearted shounen.

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Fallenkaze's Macross Frontier Tv Review

Macross Frontier

Rated: 7

As the 25th anniversary celebratory series in the Macross franchise Macross Frontier has a lot to live up to, and it definitely exceeds those expectations. Even for me, someone who had never seen another Macross series still found Macross Frontier extremely entertaining. The amount of respect that the Satelight has for Macross shows in nearly ever aspect of the show from CG fight scenes to top notch character development Macross Frontier is a highly polished enjoyable series that I would recommend to almost anyone.

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Fallenkaze's Dissidia Final Fantasy Game Review

Rated: 8

Breaking the classic Final Fantasy mold, Dissidia 012 makes its mark in the series as a succesful action-oriented Final Fantasy game. While if you don't like Final Fantasy then you might not like the premise, but you may find enjoyment in the original game play.

Despite being seen as a "Who Would Win" fan-boys dream come true, it's actually a good stand alone game, while using Final Fantasy characters to tell an intricate and interesting story, but again if you're not a fan of Final Fantasy you probably won't like Dissidia.

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Fallenkaze's Black Cat Tv Review

Black Cat

Rated: 7

"A shadow darts from rooftop to rooftop with a full moon at it's back, guiding it. The shadow stops before a old, decrepit church's monastary, takes a step back and breaks through the glass and descends to the church below, having already opened fire, the Black Cat had found his target."

The action in Black Cat is clearly it's selling point but it is a pretty well rounded show, it kept me interested from start to finish, but some sections are less interesting from time to time, but overall an enjoyable anime, though it could've had more depth honestly. I would recommend giving Black Cat a look.

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Fallenkaze's DURARARA!! Tv And Ova Review


Rated: 9

If you like a slice-of-life drama with supernatural twists look no further. Durarara! Delivers a story of the daily,but exaggerated, daily life in Tokyo. Especially in the second half the show becomes very compelling, and the supernatural elements are more stressed all making the show very enjoyable to watch. Honestly a 24 episode long anime is refreshing its long enough to get to know the characters without it feeling rushed. Durarara! Was compelling all the way through. Overall if nothing else durarara! Is original and enjoyable.

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Fallenkaze's Angel Beats! Tv And Ova Review

Angel Beats!

Rated: 9

Angel Beats! Is always interesting, I was hooked from start to finish which took about a week. I actually stopped at episode 11 because I didn't want it to end but eventually I had to finish it. While I won't spoil anything the ending is the only anime ending i've ever shed a tear to. Key uses many different tactics to get the viewer to truly care about the characters, besides the pure sympathy used with the main characters, humor is effectively used with sub-characters. Even though these characters never get the spotlight you will probably remember things about each one.

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